Getting A Taste Of Privilege​

Social Poster​


This piece reflects a social issue, the worldwide issue of asking attention for Black lives and the misconceptions on the matter. As a dark skinned man, from African, Asian and South-American descent and born in the Netherlands, I try to give you a view from my perspective. It contains a number of subliminal messages about privilege, colonialism and institutional racism, give it a good look.​

The Meaning

• The milk represents white privilege, that is engraved in society since colonialism.

• The black hand reaching for the milk represents black people today, which symbolizes going for a taste of privilege.

• The burn mark on the arm, is a slave mark of the GWC, who participated in the Trans-Atlantic slave trade. This represents that black people are still effected by it today.

• The red strokes and marks represent spilled blood of the ancestors.

• 1873, the date of the actual end of slavery, instead of the ‘’official’’ year 1863.

• The ripped paper and tape depicts the issue that the topic comes with, and what it does to society.

• The text on the bottom-left is what most black people think when they, get disadvantaged by the color of our skin.

• The text on the bottom-right is what black people get as an answer in return.

• ‘’Summer 2020’’ represents the period when the protests reached a global level

• ‘’be aware, try to understand’’ is what I hope to achieve by creating this piece. Talk with people, listen, educate yourself and then try to understand.

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